The Agricultural Cooperative of Molaoi – Pakia was founded in 2003 and today it is considered to be one of the largest cooperatives in Greece. The Cooperative is the result of the successful merger of two cooperatives: the Agricultural Cooperative of Molaoi that was founded in 1933 from 280 members and operates an olive mill since 1968, and the Agricultural Cooperative of Pakia, which was founded in 1959 from 90 olive oil producers of the area, being the 2nd largest at the time in Laconia.

The main scope of the cooperative is to enhance and promote the activities of its 460 members – olive oil producers and also to support them through the institution of Cooperative, investing in exporting and cooperation.

In our state of the art olive mill we produce more than 1500 tons of extra virgin olive oil PGI “Laconia” and organic extra virgin olive oil every year. The Cooperative has invested more than 4 million € in the olive mill, making it one of the most significant investments in the area.

On behalf of our members, we undertake the marketing and trade of the produced extra virgin olive oil, ensuring increased bargaining power. As a result,  85-90% of our extra virgin olive oil is exported to various countries , for example to Italy, while the remainder is sold in the domestic market. At the same time, we serve through our olive mill more than 700 olive producers, serving as the main supporter of the wider region, both financially and socially.

Our headquarters are located in the Municipality of Molai in Monemvasia, in the Prefecture of Laconia and our olive oil comes from the geographical area defined by the administrative boundaries of the former prefecture of Epidaurus – Limiras.